1st Touch Drills


Advanced - length 8.31

Advanced 1st touch, finishing and fitness drill. The emphasis is all about the 1st touch. Loads of variations / progressions and working with a 1on1, 2on1 and 3on1. A long video for you to take a lot of ideas from. This drill works on more than 1 skill! 


1st touch drill - length 8.31

A fantastic drill to use to work on your 1st touch. Using 4 different coloured cones. The emphasis is all on that first touch! Voice cover and clear demonstrations within the video. Great to use on a 1on1 basis or within a team environment.


FULL session working on 1st touch - 13.46

A full session on developing a players 1st touch! Loads of different drills within one session! Progressions and coaching points within the video! Preview available. 


Variation of 1st touch drills - 1.59

A video with loads of varioation on 1st touch. Different ways of controlling the ball, different way we can develop our fast touch. Basic to pro level drills. Loads to use and adapt too. Great value!