Coaches Seminar
California April 2020


Get an insight into one of the biggest 1on1 business's in the world 

Wednesday 15th / Thursday 16th of April 2020 - Vanguard University, Costa Mesa

Please read all information carefully

Option 1

On the field experience + Q&A

Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th of April at Vanguard University. 7am to 12pm

On the field experience with Head Coach Lee Joner Jones & team. See how they coach in the moment, plan & conduct a session. Also includes entry into the coaches seminar before the sessions start. When you sign up, all details will be clarified. 


$500 USD

Option 2

Question & Answer (Classroom Only)

Wednesday 15th at Vanguard University. 7am to 9am

A coaches seminar with Head coach & owner Lee Joner Jones & team. Held at Vanguard university, the presentation & Q&A will take place for approximately 2 hours. When you sign up, all details will be clarified. 


$220 USD

What to expect with the 'on field experience'?

You will have a chance to be up close with a Joner 1on1 Training Session & our unique training camps. Lee & his team will take a private or small group session, you can take notes, ask questions and see how a session is ran. 

Limited spots & 7 day cancellation Fee 

We are only holding 20 spots for the on field experience and 30 spots for the Q & A. You have 7 days to cancel your spot if you wish to cancel and receive a full refund. 

What to expect with the Q & A?

We will be in a Classroom where head coach & founder Lee Jones will go through a mini presentation on what we do and an open field to any questions you like. This will go for 2 hours max

No photos / Videos are to be taken on the day! 

The information we will be providing is for the people that are there on the day. You will be allowed to take notes but no videos / photos can be taken on the day. 



On the field Experience 

Book a seat at the Q&A

Everyone must fill out this form, then proceed to payment to guarantee your spot  

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