"The only limits we face are the ones we place on ourselves"

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Jordan "Bazza" Barrett

Coaches in North Sydney


DOB - 29/07/1999
Nationality - Australian 
Playing position? - Striker / 9 or 10
Teams played for? - Northern Tigers 
Achievements? - Top goal scorer in NPL2 at the round of 16. 
Best Moment of your career? - Scoring 4 goals in the opening game of the season after months of hard work at Joner 1on1 
Best ground played at? - Valentine Sports park
Favourite Team? - Manchester United (however I love Barcelona's playing style"
Favourite player? - Leo Messi 
Favourite boots? - F50 Adizero 
What got you into football? - Started from a very young age and never stopped loving it. 
What one piece of advice would you give to inspiring player? - Standard response, hard work! I cannot stress enough that constant hard work will pay off. You must be obsessed with the game to make it to the top.
Why do you want to do Joner 1on1 coaching? - I am extremely passionate about the growth of football in Australia, Joner 1on1 has played a huge part in that. Also a great opportunity to work with professional coaches. 

Jordy has spent easily over 150 hours either being coached by head coach Lee or working alongside him learning the importance of 1on1 coaching. Jordy is growing in confidence day by day, get in touch now to book a session! 

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