Passing Drills

Advanced passing and 1st touch drills. Starting off basic then progressing to more difficult drills. Loads of variations to use and adopt from. 

LOADS of different passing & 1st touch 

variations - length 10.32



LOADS of different passing & 1st touch 

variations - length 11.41

Loads of variation passing drills to use within a group of 3. All of these drills can also be done with a partner. Developing the 1st touch and passing. Loads of variety to choose and adapt from. From basic to advance stuff. Suitable for any player. 




Passing drill - length 14.33

An amazing passing drill that can be adapted to training with a friend or within a team environment. Working on the fundamentals of ways you can pass a ball. Avery enjoyable drill to do with a friend. Loads of coaching points and details within a lenghty video! 


Triangle drills /skills - Length 4.32

This video contains loads of different drills and skills by using only a triangle. Skills, movement, awareness, passing, 1st touch, dribbling, it has everything! loads of ideas you can use in your own environment. Contains music.


Passing drill - length 3.32

A very simple but effective passing drill you can do on your own or with a friend. Working on the very basics of passing. Technique and direction with plenty of repetition. Great little drill with all the coaching points and progressions within the video.


Advanced - length 3.36

An advanced passing drill that focuses on awareness before you receive the pass. The video contains all the coaching points and progressions from coach Lee. Great practice for any player aspiring to play at the top level. Click the buy video button to own this on file.