Training Tools

Watch this video on how it can be used in training 

This is the video everyone has been asking about on my facebook, YouTube and instagram! An amazing training tool to use when coaching players on being aware of what's around them when playing. This is to help players to make better decisions on game day. We have two options, see below. Please watch the videos to see how you can utilise this product


Basic numbers training tool 

!!THIS IS NOT AN APP!! This is a VIDEO / training tool that I use with my players on a daily basis. Once you click buy now, you will receive a download link in your downloads folder, you can then use this VIDEO as you please, put it on your tablet etc.

Advanced training tool 

This is the new and updated scanning training tool. With options of audio cues and visual cues such as "man on", "turn" and other options where the players have to make quick decisions. Please watch the video above before purchasing this product. 

Colours Training Tool

This is not an APP!