Striking the ball for more power. length - 2.02

A full discription with slow motion video on how to strike the ball to get more power. Detailed text and images through out and also the difference that detail made to one of my clients within a 1 hour session. 


4 cone tutorial / figure of 8 full breakdown 

A lot of people via our social media channels were asking for a tutorial on this one. So here it is! A full breakdown on how to do the figure of 8 4 cone drill! An amazing skill to be practising if you want to develop your overall feel for the ball with both feet. It also trains good balance, 1st touch and fast feet. Great fun trying to figue this one out, an excellent example within the video of one of my clients doing it extremely fast!



How to perform a thorough warm up (football specific) 

This is how we run a thorough warm up at Joner 1on1. We believe this is essential before every signle session we deliver. Loads of dynamic excersizes within the video and essential stretches for footballers. This warm up includes drills to do with the ball (light) .