Our Team


Lee Jones / Head Coach / Owner

Coaches in North Sydney and all over Australia.
Can enquire about travelling overseas. 


Julian Aguirre / Coach 

Coaches in the West of Sydney (Blacktown)


Shane Murray / Coach 

North Sydney

Shaun Catlin / GK Coach

Coaches in North Sydney 

Jordan Barrett / Coach

Coaches in North Sydney 

Lee 'Joner' Jones of Joner 1on1 Football Training is one of the best technical coaches in the world. Joner 1on1 is voted number #1 in Australia and has been voted in the top 10 in the world. Joner 1on1 has worked with high end professional players in both the men and womens game. Our highly skilled & qualified team of coaches work with any age, gender and ability with individually tailored football (soccer) training. 

Whether new to the game or a professional player, Joner 1on1 works on all main elements of the game including skills, drills, technique, advice, strategies, match analysis, video analysis, player profiling, player exposure, scouting opportunities, elite football camps, position specific training, online training programs and football specific strength & conditioning programs. All designed to help develop each individual players full potential and maximise their play.

We have been voted in the top 10 football YouTube channels in the world! 

We do the following:

  • Elite 1on1 coaching

  • Goal keeper training 

  • Train with friends. 2on1 3on1

  • Group sessions, team training and elite camps

  • Position specific training

  • Online training  

  • Player monitoring 

  • Professional highlights reels and video analysis packages 

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Train at home by using our online programs and videos for elite players and beginners.

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Our training is not just for players in sydney, but for players all around the world. 

We have a shop on our website (see above) that has training videos that you can do at home in your own time. The videos in the shop vary from elite videos to beginners. Each training video has a structured break down on how to perform the drills. 


There are loads of different catogories to chose from in the shop, ranging from shooting drills, position specific drills and much more. 

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Get training guys!! 


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